What should you know about sextoys for woman?

Using of sex toys is very common among the women since some years. If you are attract by these kind of sex tool, they are some things you must know.

What makes dildos different from vibrators?
A dildo or gode is a phallic object that, unlike vibrators, does not vibrate and is used only for penetration. It can be used by women or men as an artificial penis for solitary pleasure or erotic games. The sizes vary enormously. It can be Single or doublely curved (allowing a double penetration for woman), it can have two heads (for two women to mutually pleasure themselves) or if you want to keep your hands free, it can be attached to a belt or fixed to a sucker. Vibrators are also available in different sizes, colors or materials.

Have you heard about geisha balls?

Are vibrators always penis shaped?
No, we see more and more appear vibrators not having the appearance of a penis, which favor the offbeat aspect: round, oval, pebble, etc.

Have you heard about geisha balls?
Geisha balls are two balls connected by a rope that is inserted into the vagina. Each ball contains a steel ball. Under the effect of vaginal contractions, they collide and thus provoke a sexual pleasure. There are models with pins or containing mini-vibrators to provide more sensations. They can be introduced into the vagina and worn during daily activities and outside of sexual intercourse. Be careful not to overuse it, prolonged use could cause irritation.

Rabbit: the sex toy that drives most women crazy
Rabbit is a very special sex toy because it simulates two erogenous parts simultaneously to increase the pleasure. This sex toy consists of two distinct parts, one penis-shaped that enters the vagina and the other in the form of rabbit ears that stimulates the clitoris.

Before using this sex toy, it must be lubricated then you can insert it into the vagina, making sure that the “ears of the rabbit” are up. They must be placed on the lips for optimal use. Try all the options and learn how to press the buttons without having to look at them.

Then, at your own pace, gently start inserting the toy into your vagina, taking your time, to get used to the new sensations. By adding a little lubricant, you will make the experience more comfortable and feel more sensations. Once inside, the rabbit’s ears should tickle your clitoris but you are free to adjust them at your will. Then give your vagina a very erogenous massage. Once the rhythm is taken, the speed of rotation and the intensity of the vibration can be increased little by little, according to the pleasure.

Double Dong, the sex toy of increased reciprocal pleasures
The double dong is anatomically studied so that the woman can introduce the shortest part designed for G-spot into her vagina and be provided with an erect male sex with normal dimensions. It is suitable for both homosexual women and heterosexual women who want to take the role of the other sex. It is usually made with pure medical silicone and adapts perfectly to the female anatomy thus allowing to assume the reverse role.

It is generally flexible to curl and allow double anal and vaginal penetration in women, or it can simply be used by two partners to share their feelings, these unique dildos will certainly become your favorite accessories.

Its ends are short and rounded for G-spot stimulation, and it can be perfectly maintained by the vaginal muscles. With its flexible joints, the angle of introduction is quite flexible. You can find them in many colors and sizes. Choose just one that suits you whether vaginal / vaginal or vaginal / anal, you will have a wide choice to find the model that suits your desires. With the Dong, you will slide together to the heights of ecstasy.

Can you use these accessories as a couple?
Contrary to popular belief, these accessories can be used as a couple allowing new erotic games for the benefit of partners, which supposes that both are consenting. Some may indulge in trying new activities but others will not enjoy using it. In any case, only mutual dialogue will allow to see more clearly. These accessories are intended to increase the pleasure. In any case they should not become harassing. The other danger is that by habit, these gadgets become mandatory to obtain pleasure, but this only testify to a deeper imbalance within the relationship.

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