How and when to add a sex toy to your relationship

Talking these days has sparked the debate about when to add a sex toy and whether this shows more compromise between the bond or the acceptance that magic is ending.

use sex toys in your life

After a nutritious round-trip we come to the conclusion that far is far from being something that denotes a fall of the bond but an act of trust or a detail that shows interest in changing and pleasing the parties.

I admit that the talk was a little dissolved when we asked ourselves when we invited sex toys to the sex act.

In my case I can say that we have as many sex toys as people and sexual fantasies exist and the hard work would be to find the one that suits us and our tastes.

The help of temperature raising devices in the bedroom is more than welcome.

They do not always have to simulate a part of the body can also be adapted to the same as the example of vibrating rings.

Start by posing feasible sex games with things that aren’t so invasive: a satin ribbon to tie your partner’s hands, a lubricant to sweeten the subject. Anything goes to reinvent your intimacy.

I hope you found these tips helpful. Huge kiss for everyone and great sex.

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